Well, lately we’ve been having some overhead predator problems. The hawks have gotten several of our laying hens and a young rooster (not the Buff). Today Daddy went and got 14 or 15 young hens from a friend who had 50+ birds. They are red and black sex-link, which means you can tell the males from the females when they hatch because they’re a different color. We were down to only a few birds and one’s a rooster, possibly two broodies, and plenty of hawks to kill the others. We were getting about 3 eggs a day, so we are looking forward to having some more eggs once these start laying.
We’ve got one of the broodies on a few eggs, and we are hoping that she’ll hatch several. Raising our own chicks will be a new experience, and, since it keeps us from being beholden to the hatcheries, a good one I think.