To the left is “Big Jack”, a stray that has stayed around here for a couple of weeks. When he got us he was very shy of people, but he has recovered from that quite well, and will continue to do so we hope. He is very sweet, and appears to be a golden retriever mix. His head is rather small for a retriever, and he’s kind of short, but he seems to have the good qualities of a golden. He answers to “Jack” very well, and seems to be rather young still. I never have been able to understand why people dump their dogs! That seems to have been the case for Jack.

To the right you see Flatt. He’s a feisty one, but will purr at the least little thing! We got both Flatt and Scruggs from some friends that had plenty to give away, eight I think!

To the left is Scruggs, the laziest of our cats. He may be lazy, but he can hiss, scratch, and spit quite well when he puts his mind to it. We are hoping that both of these will be good mousers in the chicken house/ tool shed.

This here is a Buff Orpington rooster that some friends gave us. We are trying to hatch some of our own eggs, but our possibly broody hen won’t decide one way or the other! She is rather a nasty thing, too. She picks fights with other hens, and generally looses because she’s so weak from not eating. That’s another problem with her! When she decides to be broody she won’t eat!